1. When you can vividly remember your love affair with “Beam Analysis by Moment Integration”.

2. When you can remember the room of clerks with flying fingers tapping away on the “adding machines with handles”.
3. When you can remember your first encounter with the Union rep. You were keen, eager and enthusiastic on your first project. The Union rep was the sour faced old guy who had been around forever and seen it all – including plenty of young engineers just like you and he saw it as his job to “put you in your place” – so that you knew who really ran the job. It was a test of wills, which got the heart pumping. But when you stood your ground – you knew that you had passed your first real test.
4. When you can remember that your first thought train for the design of control and feedback of machinery was by levers and cables.
5. When you can remember Pneumatic Logic being the height of machine control and intelligence – way before plc’s took over.
6. When you can remember your first Transistor radio.
7. When you can remember the only Robots you ever saw were in the science fiction comic books.
8. When you can remember automobiles without synchromesh gear boxes and needing to master the art of double de clutching.

9. When you can remember all of your key engineering data being on slide charts and you always kept your favourite one in your top pocket.




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