You Know That You’re An Old Engineer – Number 4

• When you can remember marveling at the very first fax machine you ever saw and now the young guys tell you that the fax is dead – nobody uses that old technology these days
• When you can remember seeing your first mobile phone. It was the size of a large toolbox and weighed as much. Plus it had a very limited battery life and range
• When you can remember taking grainy Polaroid pictures which could barely be understood and boasting of the technology. Whilst paying exorbitant prices for the film
• When you can remember the teletext machines being “state of the art” for instant communication & you were under strict instruction to use the minimum words in your messages
• When you can remember a hacksaw being the common method used to cut steel (and not an angle grinder) – and as a junior Engineer you practiced and practiced (until your arm felt as though it would drop off ) attempting to get that straight cut. Without breaking the blade
• When you can remember using a cold chisel to cut a chamfer on steel and the pain of a misdirected hammer blow, – How many bruises and broken bones did this task produce ?
• When you can remember (as a young Engineer) being sent for a long wait
• When you can remember (as a young Engineer) being sent to get a glass hammer
• When you can remember watching a skilled tradesman bed a bearing with a scraper
• When you can remember that your clutch pencil was your most prized possession – together with a full range of leads and colours




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