The Coffee Break Quiz – A challenging selection of General Engineering questions and answers -
sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know, but you’re sure that you did know or that you should know and when you see the answers you know that once upon a time you probably did know !

Challenge your colleagues – can they answer more than you ?


In Electrical Engineering - The Reed Switch is an electrical switch operated by an applied magnetic field and was invented at Hewlett Packard Laboratories in 1936 – True or False

The Reed Switch was invented at Bell Telephone laboratories in 1936

11 cubed = 1231 – True or False (without using a calculator please)

11 cubed = 1331

A material whose hardness and ability to retain a cutting edge make it suitable for use in the cutting and shaping of metals, wood and similar hard materials is called Tool Steel – True or False

Touring, Softail, Dyna, Sportster and VRSC are the names of family models for which motorcycle company …

Elias Howe, Whitcomb Judson, Colonel Lewis Walker and Gideon Sundback are people who (at various times) worked on which well known invention for temporarily joining 2 edges of fabric …

The worlds first mechanical standardised screw thread was the - ISO metric screw thread – which was agreed and finalised when the International Organisation for Standardisation was set up in 1947 – True or False

The worlds first national screw thread standard was the Whitworth Thread (also known as British Standard Whitworth or BSW) which was devised and specified in 1841 by Joseph Whitworth

1 meter equals how many feet - to 3 places of decimal …

The rate at which a human body loses heat, relative to the level of atmospheric turbulence and ambient temperature on a wintry day is called the “what” chill factor …

Sodium Carbonate Decahydrate ( Na2CO3.10 H2O ) is also known as Washing Soda – True or False

Boyles Law states that - If a metal is lightly stressed, a temporary deformation, presumably permitted by an elastic displacement of the atoms in the space lattice, takes place. Removal of the stress results in a gradual return of the metal to its original shape and dimensions - True or False

Hookes Law is the correct answer – Boyles Law states that the product of absolute pressure and volume is always constant.

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