1. When you can remember that gloves were for wimps – guys on the shop floor had gnarly battered hands.

2. When you can remember that hearing protection was for wimps – which is why all of your buddies now have hearing problems – WHAT DID YOU SAY?
3. When you can remember that the steel plate guillotine operators all had fingers or thumbs missing from their hands – it was part of the job – before guarding and safety came into vogue.
4. When you can remember that bumper bars/fenders on automobiles were practical bump bars, designed to protect the vehicle when it hit a solid object – not like todays excuses – were a slight bump can be a major rebuild of the vehicle.
5. When you can remember tractor feed printers were attached to the computer system and they would churn through mountains of paper for even the most minor data to be printed – if the tractor mechanism didn’t foul up.

6. When you can remember getting lectured on Japanese manufacturing methodology and why they were taking over the world and local industry was closing down – yeah, yeah, yeah – Kan Ban – 5S – JIT – SMED – what is this gobbledygook?
7. When you can remember that companies ran on mainframe computers with slave modules at each desk.
8. When you can remember the 286 computer was state of the art and the experts said they would never replace the mainframe computers. And you still have irreplaceable data on 5 1/4 ” floppy discs – Tho’ you will never be able to read them.  And you can’t remember exactly what it is – but you know that it is very important.

9. When you can remember all welding was stick welding – whats with this tig and mig stuff.

10. When you can remember that steel was cut by hand, with a hacksaw and cleaned up with a file– not an angle grinder.

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