⁃ When you can remember tuning the carburetor on your car
⁃ You still have your first (and only) set of drawing instruments and they are in pristine condition
⁃ You still use these drawing instruments
⁃ You can remember when there was more waste product on the factory floor than good product in the machine and the company (you worked for) was happy to throw labour at cleaning up the mess, but not to assign an Engineering resource to design out the problems
⁃ You can remember reading about some guy called Demming who had some radical ideas on quality and production techniques and you knew that they would never take off
⁃ You can remember when your best Engineering Designs were formulated on the back of a drink coaster/cigarette packet/napkin – in the bar after work – the designs always got better as the evening went on
⁃ You can remember when all trains where big and shiny, gave off lots of smoke and were driven by steam
⁃ You can remember the old style earth moving excavators which had jibs and buckets activated by wire rope. (I know that because I worked on them)
⁃ You can remember when SNAFU was the favorite saying
⁃ You can remember when there was an office full of (predominantly) females sitting in front of loud, manual, mechanical typewriters and they had to manually hit the return at the end of each line



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