• You Know That You’re An Old Engineer – Number 1
    1. When you can remember working from the original blue print drawings
    2. When you can remember the smell of ammonia on the “new” system of printing drawings
    3. When you can remember the dedicated print room which produced the drawings, (in strict order) the people who worked there and their names
    4. When you can remember that you still have your original slide rule
    5. When you still use your slide rule because you’re more confident with it (you are still not sure about these hand held calculators – what happens if the battery dies!)
    6. When you can remember using log tables for calculations
    7. When you can remember how to use log tables and lay out the calculations in neat rows and columns
    8. When you can remember your favorite books of tables with fraction to decimal conversions charts
    9. When you still use those same conversion charts
    10. When you have committed them to memory, but still use the chart as a check
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