The Coffee Break Hard Trivia Quiz – A challenging selection of General Engineering Trivia questions and answers -
sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know, but you’re sure that you did know or that you should know and when you see the answers you know that once upon a time you probably did know !

Challenge your colleagues – can they answer more than you ?


Lye and Caustic Soda are generally known as Sodium Hydroxide – True or False

Italian automobile manufacturer "Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino" is better known as Ferrari – True or False

the correct answer is Fiat

Derived from the Greek for "Color" and discovered by Louis Nicolas Vauquelin in 1797, Chromium is the chemical element added to steel in order to make the steel highly resistant to corrosion and discolouration – True or False

The Spinning Jenny is the name was given to a multi-spool  spinning wheel  which was invented about 1764 by James Hargreaves  in England . The device significantly reduced the amount of work needed to produce yarn , with a single worker able to work eight or more spools at once – True or False

The number 10 to the power of 18 has the unit name…

SRAM is a type of semiconductor memory. SRAM stands for Safe Random Alternate Memory – True or False

SRAM stands for - Static Random Access Memory

Galvanic Corrosion is the name is given to an electrochemical  process in which one metal corrodes preferentially when in electrical contact with a different type of metal and both metals are immersed in an electrolyte – True or False

In Physics, what name is given to the tendency of a system to vibrate with increasing amplitudes at some frequencies of excitation...

9/32” (inch) = 0.28125” as a decimal – True or False (without a calculator please)

A Barometer is a device used to measure atmospheric temperature difference – True or False

A Barometer is a device used to measure atmospheric pressure


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