The Coffee Break Quiz – A challenging selection of General Engineering questions and answers -
sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know, but you’re sure that you did know or that you should know and when you see the answers you know that once upon a time you probably did know !

Challenge your colleagues – can they answer more than you ?


The name for Shrapnel was derived from the Greek word for “shatter and spread in many directions” – True or False

Shrapnel was named after British army officer Lieutenant General Henry Shrapnel

The Maginot Line was the secure telephone line used between the French President and the British Prime Minister at the beginning of WWII – True or False

The Maginot Line was a series of fortifications constructed along the French - German border during the 1930’s

Mulberry Harbours were temporary portable harbours developed by the British during World War II - True or False

Gunpowder was invented by the Greeks – True or False

Gunpowder was invented by the Chinese in the 9th century

The WWII Manhattan Project was created to produce …

The Bailey Bridge was designed to transport live shells from a stockpile to an artillery field gun thus eliminating the need for manual handling – True or False

The Bailey Bridge was a prefabricated, portable, temporary truss bridge, designed to be used where a permanent bridge had been destroyed

The Gatling Gun is named after its inventor R.J.Gatling – True or False

In the Roman army a Ballista was a …

The Tank is an armoured fighting vehicle designed for front line combat. Designed and first used in WW1, the name “Tank” was used by the British as a security measure to fool enemy spies – True or False

The word Ballistic is derived from the Greek word for violent explosion – True or False

The word Ballistic pertains to the science of motion – specifically under its own momentum

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