A Breakdown in Communication ?

Sean – the Site Manager (of the web page that is) tells me that people are time poor and that I need to make the items short, sharp and snappy
So here goes:-

There is a large construction site

The guys have a meeting and send the union guy to see the site manager with an ultimatum

“Boss” he says – the guys have had a meeting and they are all in agreement – we need locks on the toilet doors” (my description – not his)
The Site Manager thought for a while and said “don’t be ridiculous – there is absolutely no need”
“Boss the guys are adamant – we need locks on the doors”
 said the union guy

The Site Manager had another long think and said –

“Look – I’ve been on construction sites for over 40 years – and I’ve never heard of a toilet door being stolen – get back to work”

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