You Know That You’re An Old Engineer – Number 2

  1. When you can remember the first Engineering Office calculator being a valve set and needing a 10 minute warm up before it could be used
  2. When you can remember that the (above) calculator could – add,  subtract,  multiply and divide and if you were very clever you could find a square root by multiple approximations
  3. When you can remember charts with square and cube roots and all types of other useful data being readily available
  4. When you can remember working in an Engineering office where ”everyone” smoked and the air was so thick with smoke that you could not see from one side of the office to the other
  5. When you can remember that there where always pipe smokers in the office and you can still smell the aromas of the pipe and cigarette smoke
  6. When you can remember using tools and implements which were marked with the last 2 digits of the year of manufacture and the whole year started with 18 eg 96 was 1896
  7. When you can remember watching that rusty old piece of machinery being carted off to the scrap yard and remembering when it was new and just being installed
  8. When you can remember using drawing boards with machines using the parallelogram counterweight systems that where never square
  9. When you can remember Project Managing jobs without JSA’s, Hazard Studies Work Method Statements or the like
  10. When you can remember being able to climb a ladder without a “Work At Heights Permit”
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